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People are asking ALL OVER MY TIME LINE, (For a long time now) when is my My NEXT album coming out. 

I have been working on Open Door for 3 Years now, and have been SO excited about sharing it with you. its a very unique project.

YET, I am sad to report, it ALL FELL APART LAST WEEK. 

I Took the weekend to regroup

I’ve been trying so HARD to make it all happen for a LONG time, and last week I had an EPIPHANY! that I MUST, “Let GO and LET GOD”

If it comes back to me, I will know it was meant to be, if it DOESN’T! then …

MOVING ON: I am currently writing and recording ANOTHER album because that is what I DO!  Music is my PASSION MISSION AND JOB … I don’t know what this one will be called yet … but the songs those of you who CAME to see an OPEN DOOR performance Heard, (in either JUNE or OCTOBER 2011) … as of now, Won’t be released. I tried. HARD. 

Even to the point of violating my own values .. I should have KNOWN THAT would not have EVEN works. LOL! *tears*

But I am sad today, this is a heart break, music is the LOVE of my life. BUT! as with the heart breaks I have experienced over the years … it always makes me better, and it inspires the GREATEST songs.

SO All SOUL BIRDS WORLDWIDE know that the MORE you ask for my next album, the MORE inspired I am to complete this NEXT one.  And right NOW, I NEED ALL THE INSPIRATION I CAN GET.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE!!!!!!: I Am Debuting a NEW SONG on  Black Girls Rock, a love song to NY called “6th Ave” and right on time .. God is Amazing, that’s all I have to say. 

Onwards and Upwards


p.s. to all of my fellow Flautist out there LOL! tell me how I did :-)

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